Art is every where, just open your eyes…

Jules Verne’s Dream ?

Verne's Dream

Art is made with all the things which are around us. May be in the Jules Verne’s Brain ?




nice to find peope with foot on earth…and head in the sky ! great with you !

September Slapstick: Keystone “Cops” | The Bangville Police (1913)

September Slapstick: Keystone “Cops” | The Bangville Police (1913).


thx for your following…i follow you too !

The Temple in the Sky

The Temple in the Sky


We are often dreaming about other way of life. ┬áMay be “ a Temple in the sky” ? Why not !

The Dark Forest

Dark Forest

Some times, the way is not so easy…we have to go through the dark forest

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