Art is every where, just open your eyes…

Hero of a children tale…



This naughty robot was one of the characters of a children tale…It was made in Blender. But, the producer of the story was too short in money…So,our naughty robot never comes to life.


The Great Art Revolution

The Great Art Revolution.


With the computer, the Picture Art  has found a new World, new means to make Art, Pictures and Feeling. Oil painting, water color, photography and so on sure are  no dead, but now something a little  weird is coming in the hands of artists.

Every pictures can be turn in Art and in more, when you use 3D programs, you are not only an artist, but somewhere a woman or a man who is discovering some building materials of the life…

An other door open on Art and Knowledge, a weird knowledge coming from a long story in our souls which come again alive with machines ?

Figures of the Beauty

The Figurs of the Beauty

digital art,

Other Eye Variation

Other Eye Variation

Art for Art with Artists

Digital Art is ful Art ! Sure, some people think, it is “easy art” because softwares are the real creators ! As some times ago, people has said painters were the products of their colors boxes !

The reason of this blog is to show and to explain our Digital Art…

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